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Daria NagalEA CPA

Hi there! My name is Daria. I am originally from Russia, but I've lived in the US for so long that I am starting to forget my native language. Like most Russians you meet, I am pretty straightforward and have a dry sense of humor (although my teenage son insists I have none!). I am a California Certified Public Accountant and an IRS Enrolled Agent. Before going solo, I worked at several CPA firms where I focused on taxation for small businesses, real estate entities, and high-net-worth individuals. I'm not just a tax preparer - I want to be an advisor to my clients. Anyone can prepare a tax return, but only a good CPA can give advice that saves thousands. My approach is to really understand your situation, be responsive, and get things done on time. If you've got any tax issues, I'm here to help!
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  • We thoroughly research tax regulations.
  • We make sure that you are tax compliant and you get as much tax benefit as you legally can.

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Certified Public Accountant
Enrolled Agent Certification

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