for our clients

Hi! We are glad you’re here and ready to get started on the tax preparation process. Complete these four fun & easy (aka necessary) steps and we’ll take it from there.

Get Started

Step 1: Pay your retainer

Put a ring on it! Complete our engagement letter and pay your retainer of $235 to get the process started. The retainer is applied to your final tax preparation fees, and your balance will be due before we file your return.

Step 2: Fill out the organizer

If you are hiring us for individual tax preparation, fill out our online tax organizer. If you are hiring us for business tax preparation, please skip this step

Step 3: Upload your docs

Upload your tax documents to our secure portal. For business tax preparation, also add us to your QuickBooks or Xero accounts

Step 4: Give us the Green light

Paid your retainer? Completed your organizer? Given us all of your tax documents? Congratulations! Now, email us and give us a “green light” to let us know we can get started on your return.

What happens after you give us the green light? Each client goes into our queue based on when they give us the green light. Our turnaround time for your taxes is based on the order in which you enter our queue. As soon as we have your tax return completed, we’ll reach out to you for the final steps: payment of balance due to Red Eye CPA, going over the return, and signing filing authorization forms.